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.Vent Art. by Nedrian .Vent Art. by Nedrian
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gMy first issue comes from the fact that while the figure appears to be on a string it doesn't actually feel like it's hanging. In fact it looks like it's standing with one leg cocked (the right knee is bent). Actually first I thought she was floating. While this is very effective when paired with the light and blood running down the cheeks, like she's rising up to a hopeful place, when coupled with the string it makes little sense. If she is hanging from her neck her head should be tilted down. Choosing either to have her floating up or hanging down. (imo you should just erase the string)
Anyways, since you were having her hanging but don't have much in the way of a background it might have been nice to have and interesting perspective to emphasis that she is hanging.

Oh and I really love the blood on her clothes and the little heart. Like a lot! The problem is the piece is kinda bright so it's hard to notice. Some more shadow on the edges of the nothingness would help them stand ut as well as frame the figure as your focal point.

Nice drawing!
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Let's get started~!

Well while the idea is original, the style is not. Maybe you didn't even mean for it to appear as what I'm about to say, maybe you even did? In the end, in my opinion, it looks like the style of Limbo. I think that's cool and everything though. But that does sort of mean that it is not entirely original. Because the Limbo style can honestly belong to anyone, this section gets a 3/5 because in the end, it's still bad ass.

Vision wise, it's really lovely and deep. It's dark and yet hopeful in a sense where there is this faint glow about the character, and even though they are hanging there, possible suicide, they are not dead yet. Like the bottom of the right corner says, "I'm still here...", it represents something more. Like being forgotten or left for dead I suppose. It's deep and I enjoy that. So the vision is great. In most suicides, for the person who is committing it, they may feel certain and intent on killing themselves, but there's always that small hint of hope and want for someone to come save them, you know? Someone to burst through the door, or someone to defend them somehow. I enjoy this.

Technique could definitely use a bit of work. I suppose I can't say much considering I do little to no digital art, but there are a few things pretty off about this, and I'm not talking about the atmosphere. If the character is supposed to be hanging, then there should be the rope around their neck as well (which it is either too small to see, or isn't there at all. Maybe the character is just an ornament for Christmas?). The character does not appear to be hanging, they seem to be floating. I believe that was your point though, so that I will let slide. Their leg is a bit off, it's either broken, or before they hung themselves they felt the need to flex their leg for some reason.

Um, for the last part... well, this seemed to make me just, stare curiously. Glancing it over real quickly made me wonder if there was something deeper to this; and of course you saying that this is vent art means that there is. This is a gentle yet strong piece of art, I like it.

Keep up the good work!
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complexdiagnosis Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Feel better
LillyTheSeedrian Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It reminds me of Limbo <3
Zade18989 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Banette-at-Heart Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing....
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November 3, 2012
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